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Why the WHY?

Questions are more powerful than answers. Innovative questioners (as Warren Berger puts it in his book ‘A More Beautiful Question’) use the “why” question to figure out what’s lacking. Not what but why. We mostly know our objectives (what) and our methods... read more

Where and how to use graphics?

Visuals or graphics can be used in variety of contexts. This tool is primarily for clearer communication and understanding of ideas. Having a diverse audience at your event, you will find that people have a different pace in which they catch, digest and express thoughts and ideas.

Graphic facilitation supports creative thinking and keeps people’s energies up throughout the event. Using words, images and colour a facilitator is able to get participants into ‘one boat’ quicker, keep audience engaged and connect them to a big picture.

Our team used graphics in conferences to capture ideas that were exchanged and generate solutions. In workshops we used graphics to consolidate learning and deepen understanding of critical issues. In projects and with organisational growth we used graphics as a visual memory to be carried from one meeting to another having a map that includes ideas, action steps and commitments…

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What graphics can do for you?

“The real goal of visual thinking is to make the complex understandable by making it visible not by making it simple”. – says Dan Roam in his book Back of the Napkin. The book presents examples of how to use pictures to solve problems and sell ideas... read more

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