TRE FACILITATION "Our well-being influences everything we do."


TRE (tension & trauma release) technique is based on the power of our inner shaking mechanism. I use this tool to assist individuals and groups to support their mental and physical health. Often stress and trauma influence our behaviour in personal experience, work environment and community life. TRE is one of the simplest and most profound ways how to bring peace into our minds and bodies and into our outside world.

Why do we shake in certain situations?
What causes the shaking?
Why are bodily tremors beneficial in healing processes?
What is TRE technique and how can you learn it for yourself to improve your health and life?

Stress is what gets us going, what pushes us to accomplish what we need to. However modern life produces an excessive amount of stress that is harmful to our health. We are designed with a mechanism in our bodies that releases the stress to reestablish our inner balance. Additionally the same modern life has suppressed this mechanism and now has to be reintroduced. Find out how can you reactivate your inner shaking tool to lessen anxiety and stress and sharpen your resilience.

It is not about whether you think you have stress or not, it is whether your body actually carries it. Our bodies carry tension from whatever life experiences often without us even knowing. Sometimes we are traumatised by the experiences of others – friends, family, or even strangers on tv. Our emotions that accompany such experiences are often not released or not released fully and are kept inside of us. Over time and often over generations we store all that tension which does not get released. To cope we abuse food, alcohol and each other to lessen our anxiety and pain.

But we have another option available to us. We were born with a coping mechanism that is our primary coping response. The body is an amazing creation that is able to deal with what life throws at us. This coping mechanism allows us to survive and even grow. We are able to “process life” and deepen the joy of living. Bodily shaking is one of the simplest but most profound ways available to us to restore our well-being.

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TRE Facilitation

llazara collaborates with TRE for Africa Foundation. My main focus is on youth and health. I hold certification in TRE for individuals and groups. Through TRE Youth outreach I aim to help young people find ways to deal with various traumas and learn to manage stress and maintain joy in their lives using their body tremoring mechanism.

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